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Will Eliquis make my blood sugar higher?

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nolabelsunleashed 11 Dec 2022

Hello. I was put on Eliquis in August 2022 due to a DVT in my right leg. Prior to this, my glucose/A1C was well under control, so much so, that my endocrinologist took me off of my diabetes medication. About a month in, I noticed that my glucose numbers were high, but when I talked to my hematologist about it, he cited there was nothing about Eliquis that should do so. However, when my numbers kept staying elevated (with no changes to my eating habits), I consulted with the endocrinologist. Due to this, I was put back on my diabetes medication. I had an ultrasound done a few weeks ago that confirmed the blood clot itself was gone and that what is left is scarring. Yet, I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to stay on the Eliquis if it's undoing the strides I've made in managing my Type 2 diabetes.

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denny245 19 Jan 2022

Been taking Eliquist since 2018 for Factor V Leiden mutation. The side effects have progressed to the point that I was constantly incontinent, and had much difficulty leaving the house. Had increasing peripheral neurophy in my feet, and extreme itching there also. I blamed it on my back surgery, But I quit the Eliquist for three days to take Aspirin for what I thought might be Arthritis in my elbow. After the second day many of my symptoms lessened substantially. The peripheral neurophy continues but not so intense as before I quit Eliquist. I was already incontinent (colon remove for U.C. in the 80's), but not as intensely as when I was taking Eliquist. The bottom of my feet were hurting to the point it was getting difficult to walk. Went away after quitting Eliquist. Makes me suspicious that my blood sugar was very high for the three years I was taking Eliquist that caused the leg problems.


My doctors think I should keep taking Eliquist, but the statistical difference between a person with the Factor V Leiden mutation, and one without is equal. My chances of a blood clot are equal to a person without the mutation. So quit for good, and feel much better. I take an Aspirin every four days to keep platelets from sticking. I'm also keeping a close eye on my body for any possible clots, but so far after 4 months--- nothing. I walk everyday, with rare exceptions even when it is in the 30's here in the winter. I consume several natural blood thinners including mixed Vitamin E, Cinnamon, and NATO-kinase, although I read the Nato is destroyed by stomach acid. It works for the Japanese, so I ignore the warning. I also consume Ginger, and Ginko Biloba, also natural blood thinners but not considered anticoagulants.

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williamford15 17 Oct 2021

It also happened to me and I went back to warfarin.

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starshipcommander 26 July 2021

My mother has been on Eliquis for 2 days and already her blood sugar is higher than it ever has been. It's not dangerously high, but it is higher than ever.

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Sugarmom64 4 July 2021

Yes. I have type 2. Before Eliquis my fasting and overall glucose numbers were doing very well. Now my fasting numbers are 25-40 points higher.

The irony is that I was put on Eliquis specifically because I have diabetes.

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JMESHARPE 7 Nov 2018

Has anyone got a answer to their question about Eliquis and good sugar skyrocketing? I started on Eliquis and Cardizem about a month ago and my blood sugar reading are off the charts.

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Dooge44 19 July 2018

Yes. I just started due to my first AFib attack. My Blood Sugar spiked significantly within and hour of taking a 5 mg pill. My pharmacist says it does happen but should only be a temporary spike and once my body gets used to it the blood sugar will level out. I see my cardiologist tomorrow. Here’s hoping my pharmacist is right. Far better than a clot letting loose

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Kknott4957 29 Jan 2018

I started eliquis 2 weeks ago and have noticed my blood sugars, fasting and otherwise, have been much higher. This is not a listed side effect but I did come across an article that said this was common in people over 60.

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Hilliard999999 19 March 2018

I have recently switched to Eliquis and observed a substantial increase in blood glucose levels. Can you provide the reference or link to the article you mentioned. I have also read other people's observations of their glucose reading "skyrocketing".

dfunke123 24 June 2018

Thank you for bringing up and answering this question. I started liquid 2 months ago and couldn't figure out why my blood sugar... even fasting... was in the 200's, even tho I hadn't changed my eating habits. So I wonder if eliquis is helping one problem, but hurting
another, like most rx drugs today ?

ccstacks 8 July 2018

My husband started Eliquis 5mg twice a day the first of this year after having an episode of A Fib for the first time. Ever since he started it, his fasting glucose has skyrocketed into the 200's and 300's without any diet changes. His levels have never been this high before. He is getting off this RX now and going the functional medicine route. I'm calling the FDA and reporting this side effect, but won't hold my breath waiting for them to warn others or pull this drug off the market.

kaismama 29 Dec 2013

Its not in the list of side effects.

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