I was on Lexapro 10mg for GAD for over 5 years , it did make me feel better but it never really completely worked, I even tried 20mg with no success, no real side effects. Years ago I was on Paxil , it worked but the weight gains and excessive sweating were terrible.

Today I started Effexor lowest dose 37.5mg, ( after tapering off Lexapro, I did 5mg a day for the last week, no side effects or withdrawal symptom at all). I know this is supposed to take at least a week to feel the effect of the drug but I can already tell a relaxing feeling. I am feeling normal after a long time. Even with Lexapro I was always anxious, first day on Effexor's lowest dosage and I already feel better. I hope this stays like this or even better. I did take the time to write about this because I was so nervous about starting this new medicine and when checking online reviews most of them are negative, I guess most people who have positive experiences don't take the time to write a review. I am here to answer any questions , I have had my days with my anxiety out o control, no much depression although I was feeling sad for no reason lately., I feel like I had anxiety naturally since I remember , there must be a chemical imbalance , I always tried to stay median-free but I just cannot completely cope with anxiety, even when I was rally happy I would always feel anxious. Anyway, day 1 , really happy with Effexor!