I just started my Provera (medroxyprogesterone) and am supposed to take it for only 5 days in order to start my period (doctor said it will be a period, but not really... hard to explain. To kick start it, I guess).Then I had to begin my birth control pills the first Sunday after my period started. I read the packet of further information regarding the pill. What caught my attention is that if I have sexual intercourse, I should have my partner wear a condom or use spermicide. It didn't say anything about what could happen if we don't use either of those. I read on the internet that it can be transferred to the vaginal fluids... I wanted to know, ( and anyone can answer this, if you think you got a good answer ) what are the effects or risks of having unprotected sex while taking Provera?
I hope someone can help me out because I've been with my partner for 7 months and we don't use condoms during sex.
Thank you