Hi. I am 19 years old (female) and currently have an ear infection.

For about two months my ears have been rather painful, both ears. I went to the doctors and he said my left ear was full of ear wax so I made an appointment to have the left one syringed. I assumed my right ear was hurting because of my left one so after having it syringed I left my right (painful) ear for a day or so. My right ear began to feel blocked, pressurised and very painful. I had no leakage just those symptoms. I went back to the doctors a week later and he diagnosed me with an ear infection and gave me ear drops. I used the ear drops for about 4 days and my ear began to feel better. Then one night I woke up and couldn't hear properly out my right ear, it felt very pressured and felt like I had fluid stuck in there. (Like I was under water constantly) I went back to the doctors, and she just gave me a new prescription (otomize ear spray) and again, that worked for two or three days but now it's extrenley painful (worse than before) this time, my hearing is very dull, very pressurised, and feels like it's full of fluid. Very blocked. & also it's swollen on the outside, and feels like it's swollen on the inside too. I have no idea what to do, or what it is. Have the doctors miss diagnosed me? I'm scared and I cope cope with this pain. It's hurting my right side of the head and I feel rather dizzy.

Thank you for your help.