I went into the doctor's office after I had some really bad ear pain. I had been up all night the two days prior to visiting. I was prescribed Amoxicillin, and told that I should use ibuprofen for the pain, and get sudafed to take to help drain it.

I've been taking the Amoxicillin twice a day with breakfast and dinner as told, and I've been taking the ibuprofen and wal-phed (generic version of sudafed). It was going great and my ear has been expelling some pus, and the ear infection felt better.

Now this morning when I woke up my ear was swollen shut. I felt extreme pain at first and I tried to open it up a bit using a q-tip, but I could barely get that in and it came out a yellow-green color. Is it normal for my ear to swell shut like this? Or is it something else that's wrong?