After 7 yrs taking 60mg of duloxetine daily, I decided I wanted off … too many warnings, side effects, felt numb (no highs, no lows). I felt ready to try life without the crutch of drugs. Tapered off over a period of 6 weeks , by myself. I’m now drug-free for 4 days. I’m miserable and keep bursting out in tears. I see no joy, no light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hateful to be around, irritated and itchy. I made an appt with the doc who put me on this, I’m seeing her in 5 days. What are the options? Stick it out? Go backward? Before duloxetine, I took Paxil for years (gained 40 lbs, then quit cold turkey after major surgery (I was home recovering, timing seemed good). Depression came back, went on lexapro. After too many years, it quit helping. Then I was put on duloxetine. Here I am 7 yrs later. Is there life after antidepressants? Is there a safe antidepressant?