I am a high functioning Autistic with some problems with anxiety and mild depression. I take Cymbalta to help with my anxiety and depression issues and Vyvanse to help with some of my Autism symptoms. Both medications are known to suppress appetite as a side effect, however I only really experienced this when I began to take Vyvanse and after around a month my appetite went back to normal. I experienced no side effects when I began taking Cymbalta. I've been consistently taking 30mg Vyvanse for around 3 years and 30mg of Cymbalta for 2 years.
Recently, due to issues with ordering with my pharmacy, I had ran out of Cymbalta for 3 days. So withdrawal symptoms began to occur. My appetite was lacking. Not completely gone, but I couldn't eat much before my bad gag reflex kicked in. By the third day, I literally had no appetite. I have tried searching online to see if this is normal, however I have yet to find anything about appetite loss being a withdrawal symptom of Cymbalta, only a side effect when you first take it. I took Cymbalta this morning finally, of course my appetite problems continue for now but even so I am still able to eat more than I did yesterday.

So generally my question is
1: Is a loss of appetite a withdrawal symptom of Cymbalta? Has there been anyone else out there that experienced this?
2: Could there be a cause that isn't Cymbalta? For example, while I was off Cymbalta, I was still taking Vyvanse. Even though it hasn't affected my appetite in a long time, could being off of Cymbalta somehow trigger some side effects from Vyvanse? It sounds sort of far fetched in my opinion but it's still worth asking.