I have been on Zoloft 50 mg for over 2 months now and I am planning to visit my friends at college in a few days and drink a lot. I have never had alcohol while taking Zoloft. I was wondering if I should continue taking Zoloft or if I should stop taking it for a few days.

I know it takes a few weeks to see the effects of Zoloft when you begin taking it but I'm not sure about how it is if you stop taking it. I have forgotten to take my dose before and I have felt fine. I take my Zoloft at night around 9PM along with Elavil 25mg(for migraines) and Ambien 10mg(for sleep) both as needed. I will definitely not be taking the Elavil or Ambien this weekend because they both put me to sleep and greatly intensify with alcohol I have heard. I also take Klonopan .25 mg two times a day as needed for anxiety.

So my question is should I continue to take my Zoloft or just not take it this weekend? A quick reply would be helpful.