I’m on a 21 day course that tapers from 40mg down, reducing ever 4 days. I’m only on day 3, so it was 40mg in the morning (8am) and then accidentally another 40mg at night (8pm). In theory that dose should have been the next morning. I am assuming I should skip the morning dose and just get back on track the following day, but because of the whole tapering and warnings about stopping abruptly, I don’t know if this is okay. Also, context: I am on it for a rash. Previously I had a 5 day burst for a nasty cold (which cleared up a rash on my face), and then I when stopped, what had been a fairly small rash on my face came back with a vengeance within two days. So we are doing a slow taper with antibiotics to see if that will help get rid of it. I don’t have any other medications (other than the antibiotic) or health issues. Normal metabolism is pretty high