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My dog weighs 60 pounds how much benadryl can I give her?

4 Answers

kaismama 29 July 2012

Agreed Mary. Benadryl is what our vet suggested to have on hand if my dogs were ever stung by anything.

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kaismama 29 July 2012

Lets end the bickering, Both Mary and I have raised dogs and asked our vets what to give them, but here's the link to vetinfo that tells you about the 4 meds you give to dogs, benadryl being one of them.

Inactive 29 July 2012

Your dog should be safely taking one 25mg pill. Is this for itching or alleriges...

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AMWarhurst 29 July 2012

Yes it is

Cb66 6 Aug 2015

Very true unless otherwise stated by vet for health problems

Lisa01 29 July 2012

Perhaps your question would be better answered at They have an area where you can post a question to a vet 24/7.

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Inactive 29 July 2012

Hello AMWarhurst. I'd not give any Benadryl to a dog. Best of my knowledge its not meant for our canine friends. Why are you thinking of doing so? Best of wishes, pledge

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Inactive 29 July 2012

It is ok for dogs to take benadryl safely as long as the dose is correct for the pounds. My bicho who weighs 29 pounds is allowed 25mg twice a day or every 12 hours for allergies... Mary

Inactive 29 July 2012

That was Bichon Frise!

Inactive 29 July 2012

Maybe so but I've raised Labradors and shitzus I'd not mess with an antistamine for my dogs. There are other drugs out there especialy created for our four legged friends.

Inactive 29 July 2012

Hmmm. My vet is the one who put her on them... Mary

bumblebee90 29 July 2012

Aaah you guys talking about your very spoiled guys and girls makes me miss my lab (Ivy) soo much. :) Ruthie

Inactive 30 July 2012

I understand Ruthie. Hopefully you have another four legged friend.. Dogs are the best of companions and best of friends!

lmh122379 14 March 2015

As a veterinary assistant, I know for a fact that benadryl is safe for a dog.. Actually the veterinarians I work for use a lot of human medications on dogs and cats to take care of bacterial infections. They use tamiflu to treat the parvovirus. They use tramadol for pain and flagyl for diarrhea oh and not to mention acepromethazine for sedation.

Cb66 6 Aug 2015

Benedryl is not bad for majority of dogs as long as thete are not health concerns or problems that are already known vets recommend it on a regular basis get your facts straight free discount card

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