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Does Zanaflex help with anxiety in addition to relax muscle spasms?

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13 Apr 2010

the answer I think would be no
Zanaflex is used for: Treating muscle spasms. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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psych major 13 Apr 2010

Is it zanax or zanaflex as zanax works wonders for treating anxiety but Ive never heard of zanaflex, posssibly generic...

Anonymous 13 Apr 2010

Zanaflex is found on seaech, top of this page

13 Apr 2010

I have anxiety and muscle spasms or what my specilaist calls periodic limb movement disorder. It mainly occurs at night when I'm sleeping. I take klonopin and lexapro which treat both of my conditions. I would recommend asking your doctor about combining these two if you have both anxiety and muscle spasms.

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psych major 13 Apr 2010

Hey, whats the difference between restless leg and what you have-they seem to be pretty close as I have restless leg and it only occurs at night so really disturbs the trying to sleep...

jblt83 13 Apr 2010

restless leg from what i've researched seems to be more restlessness and irritation. Web MD describes the sensations as similar to "they are not painful, but an uncomfortable, "itchy," "pins and needles," or "creepy crawly" feeling deep in the legs." PLMD only occurs when you are trying to sleep or rest whereas RLS can be anytime throughout the day. PLMD is more just spasms and twitching rather than feeling restless. You can look them both up on web-md and it describes both conditions in more detail.

13 Apr 2010

No zanaflex is just for muscle spasms if your having anxiety you should talk with your doc and he or she can give you something that can help while your taking zanaflez,hope this helps

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1 Mar 2011

My doctor prescribed zanaflex for me for muscle spasms, as well as for anxiety. Several medications have secondary benefits. Most American doctors, except some neurological movement specialists, do not indicate it for this use due to the slow advance of medical research in our country. However, in countries with medical research development based on scientific informational need and not pharmaceutical company fiscal advances (such as Germany and France), studies have shown it to decrease certain types of anxiety. Eventually when the drug brings in money more studies will be completed here.

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27 Apr 2011

No zanaflex does not help with anxiety, it is only a muscle relaxer and helps with spasms, and will also help with sleep as it will make about 90 to 95 percent of the people taking it very drowsy, you would need something like xanax, ativan, klonopin, or valuim to help with anxiety, hope this helps.

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6 Feb 2012

Freeborn81 is so correct! I see a neurologist and have a team of neuromuscular specialists. I suppose most non-neuro or psychiatric doctors may not realize this, but it does in fact help with at least some of the physiological symptoms of anxiety (a long-time enemy of mine). I am on Zanaflex for BOTH reasons, and as a sedative. I also take Klonopin (which isn't just for anxiety... it also actually helps some nerve pain and is used as an anti-epileptic). If anxiety is something you experience on a daily basis, Zanaflex will likely not help you too much and you may benefit from a low dose of something like klonopin, ativan, valium, etc. I listed those 3, since I know for a fact they are safe to take w/Zanaflex (I take klonopin every day and valium PRN). The biggest risk in mixing these, though, is the sedating effect.

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