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Does tramadol 50 mg make anyone else itch?

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7 Aug 2011

Hi jball59,
Yes, Tramadol or any other opiate/opioid pain med can cause one to itch.
These medications release histamines in the body causing some to become a bit itchy. However, if you develop a rash or hives or swelling, that is a SERIOUS allergic reaction and you need to hit the ER if that happens to you.
Best wishes,

18 Aug 2011

Hello jball,

Oh yeah, especially when I first started taking it. Not so much now, as I have been taking it about 10 years. I still get itchy every now and then, but it's rare. I've never had any reactions to tramadol, it has been a pretty helpful medicine.

10 Dec 2012

Yes when I take tramadol it makes me very itchy as well.. it lasts for atleast 18-24 hours but it varies for other people because everyone's body reacts differently... Hope this helps...

10 Jan 2013

Omg, I was freaking out my whole body was itching like crazy! !! Was scratching my skin raw. Gold bond powder relieves some. I put it on every where even on my face and hair!!!

11 Jan 2013

Hi, yes me too. I am off it now but took it for some years and it definitely made me itchy. Used to be very distracting at times. There is little you can do about it unfortunately.

2 Mar 2013

Yes, to your question. I also itch whenever I have taken anything with morphine or codene in it. I guess it's an allergic reaction but not life threatening. Very irritating, especially if you are lying still, trying to sleep. Last night I scratched for at least four hours after taking 1/2 of a 50 mg Tramadol. So, have decided not to take it at night anymore, only during the daytime. During the day the itching is not as noticeable. Even taking only half of the tablet to see if the itching is not as bad seems to still be very itchy. Seems my itching lasts about five hours. If any of you have changed to another pain med because of the itching and it works well, please let me know. I would certainly appreciate it. I talked to my doctor about this and alternatives, but I don't want to be on an even stronger med to help control my osteoarthritis. I have been trying a regimen of 250 mg Tylenol and 50 mg Tramadol daily.

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