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Does tramadol 50 mg make anyone else itch?

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Inactive 7 Aug 2011

Hi jball59,
Yes, Tramadol or any other opiate/opioid pain med can cause one to itch.
These medications release histamines in the body causing some to become a bit itchy. However, if you develop a rash or hives or swelling, that is a SERIOUS allergic reaction and you need to hit the ER if that happens to you.
Best wishes,

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Judiabi 27 Oct 2016

I can't sleep plus scratching all night

Chrisspin 2 Jan 2017

Plus... I don't take it past 4 pm, it can interrupt sleep, try Teva Brand

joycee jimenez 9 Apr 2017

ive been itchy all nite and my right eye has become swollen

Chrisspin 9 Jul 2017

I tried the cheap Tramadol,from Walmart and scratched my arms till they bled.
I find that only the Teva brand works for me, only at CVS here where I live.
Huge difference, you don't realize how the off brand doesn't even work,until you try the Teva
I have found this to be true with other meds,different manufacturer, different med altogether.
With coupon online discounted,its under 23.00 for 120.

camille8888 24 Feb 2018

I was up all night itching

camille8888 24 Feb 2018

I was up all night itching

Eileenanne 27 May 2018

Definitely. I'm scratching all over! 18 Aug 2011

Hello jball,

Oh yeah, especially when I first started taking it. Not so much now, as I have been taking it about 10 years. I still get itchy every now and then, but it's rare. I've never had any reactions to tramadol, it has been a pretty helpful medicine.

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Enh1 17 Jan 2020

How can you stop from itching?

MandiBaby92 10 Dec 2012

Yes when I take tramadol it makes me very itchy as well.. it lasts for atleast 18-24 hours but it varies for other people because everyone's body reacts differently... Hope this helps...

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adrockr1 10 Jan 2013

Omg, I was freaking out my whole body was itching like crazy! !! Was scratching my skin raw. Gold bond powder relieves some. I put it on every where even on my face and hair!!!

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Delila 11 Jan 2013

Hi, yes me too. I am off it now but took it for some years and it definitely made me itchy. Used to be very distracting at times. There is little you can do about it unfortunately.

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Timthetoolmanregan1 9 Mar 2019

Does the itching go away after you stop using it? How long did you have to wait for the itching to stop?

Dxybelle1 2 Mar 2013

Yes, to your question. I also itch whenever I have taken anything with morphine or codene in it. I guess it's an allergic reaction but not life threatening. Very irritating, especially if you are lying still, trying to sleep. Last night I scratched for at least four hours after taking 1/2 of a 50 mg Tramadol. So, have decided not to take it at night anymore, only during the daytime. During the day the itching is not as noticeable. Even taking only half of the tablet to see if the itching is not as bad seems to still be very itchy. Seems my itching lasts about five hours. If any of you have changed to another pain med because of the itching and it works well, please let me know. I would certainly appreciate it. I talked to my doctor about this and alternatives, but I don't want to be on an even stronger med to help control my osteoarthritis. I have been trying a regimen of 250 mg Tylenol and 50 mg Tramadol daily.

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RochelleK 22 Oct 2016

Yes, I am also itching and just realized I think it's from the pill.

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Betty hoover 26 Dec 2016


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Rvgirl42 6 Mar 2017

It makes me itch like crazy too - on my ankles and back, especially. Anti-itch medication doesn't seem to work that well. I did some research and tried applying peppermint oil or myrrh oil right on the itchy spots and it took the itching away for hours. Make sure to get a good quality essential oil at Whole Foods or someplace. It works.

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joycee jimenez 9 Apr 2017

would baby oil help but its on my head to

jean1edcook 2 Jun 2017

I was on Tramadol for 15 years, never made me itch or keep me awake. I moved and had to get new Dr a few yrs ago and he took me off it a couple yrs ago. I seen a Pain Dr this week and he put me back on it. I'm itching like crazy and it kept me up all night. I'm so frustrated!

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Enh1 17 Jan 2020

It makes me feel like I’m coming out of my skin.

maggiesue1955 9 Jul 2017

It makes my nose itch very badly sometimes, so, I take a 25mg Diphenhydramine with it and it stops it. The itching is caused by histamines released in your system, so, taking the antihistamine counteracts the effect, thus relieving the itch.

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Enh1 17 Jan 2020

Is it safe to take a Benadryl pill with it bc that’s what stops me from itching?

Liawalk8301 8 Sep 2018

My eyes are what itch me the most and my hair. I am so glad I'm not the only one going through this. I hate that I've developed an allergy to this medicine as it is the only one that helps with my fibromyalgia.

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Rennie823 13 Sep 2018

I have stage 3 kidney disease and thought my itchiness and little sores were from my kidneys not working.
I actually stumbled on to this site and I take Tramadol a lot for my pain in my back and elsewhere.
Anyway, I itch really bad at night and thought OMG I have bed bugs! But, I don't. Thank God, now I realize it is from the tramadol. Guess I'll have to just live with it.

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cougardave 10 Nov 2018

I take 4 x200mg slow release, I itch like I have fleas,but I feel that wasted that it didn't bother me.. Keeps me awake..

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PhoebeKat 19 Dec 2018

YES! TG, I found this site. I recently had SCS surgery for low back pain and was prescribed Tramadol temporarily. It only took a few days for me to determine this was the cause of my itching. The back of my neck has a severe rash and hubby said looks raw. Also, raw areas at my bra line and areas on back and midriff look like long deep cat scratches. I now am using Neosporin. Wish I found these answers sooner since I am ending my Tramadol use soon.

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