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Does furosemide have sulfa in it?

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Inactive 30 Jun 2010

Yes it does.

marjorie zych 30 Jun 2010

According to my PDR the same drug book the doctors use it doesn't actually have Sulfa in it but can cause a cross reaction if you are severely allergic to Sulfa Drugs. Which means if you are severely allergic to the point where you go into anaphylatic reaction than you may have a problem with Furosemide (Lasix). If you are allergic to Sulfa drugs than don't take the Furosemide for your own safety is the best bet a reaction can occur as the Furosemide builds up. Good luck, marjorie zych

agasque 19 Nov 2016

I am severely allergic to sulfa and took Lasix (one tablet) and went into severe shock. I had to be on a respiratory and go through dialysis. If you have a severe allergy do not take Lasix. free discount card

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