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Does cholestyramine come in a pill form?

6 Answers

Ibsbetter 3 Nov 2019

If using for Ibs my thought is the texture is what may help.
I can’t do orange juice due to the acid, but I had Ibs so bad I was I was ready to try anything. So this did help... tremendously!!! However mixed with apple sauce made me feel like it was clumped in my throat so I mixed with tang!! Perfect and it doesn’t taste too bad. Put tang in glass first then add the mix top with a small amount of tap water stir about a minute. Then add refrigerated cold water - about 5 oz and swirl or remix as you drink it slow. It has and odd texture but I found adding about 1 oz more water helps it!! Hope this helps!!! People suffering from Ibs this worked for me and I was desperate to find something with low side effects and it’s been two thumbs up for almost a month now!!!

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coupe1942 15 April 2019

This powder tastes like Alka Seltzer or has an effervescent taste to it that I simply can't tolerate. I have tried mixing in different drinks, but it ruins my coffee, tea, soda and such to where I simply can't stand the stuff. I may try out the ideas listed here to give it more of a chance, but I currently have strep throat and a recent bowel surgery, so many things taste badly to me at present. This stuff rates right up there with the prep stuff they provide for colonoscopy or bowel preps as to its nastiness. I am supposed to take one pack a day of the oral suspension light, 4 gm packet. I simply can't see myself doing this daily with the taste so very bad as it is. Any more ideas to share in how to disguise the taste of this medication? I think caster oil was easier to get down than this product, myself. :-(

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Rfdmedicswife 12 March 2019

It does not come in pill form. I use orange Gatorade. It is palatable with the orange flavor. No matter what liquid you put it in, it will always be clumpy.

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Jim991 12 Sep 2021

I mix the cholestyramine by filling a NEW specimen plastic cup 3/4 full of milk. Add the packet and screw the lid back on and really shake it for a moment , open and drink the mix (not lumpy). Refill container , shake and drink the rest. Tastes like an orange cream cycle . Drink more of what drink you like to get the recommended amount of fluid for the medicine. The only way I found to mix without lumps! I've taken it this way for twenty + years . Never tire of it.

ckhibbitts 26 Feb 2019

I take Colestipol which does come in pill form, and it is a bit less expensive.

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jg1873 12 Sep 2017

Yes, it does come in pill form. I got sick from taking the powder form and a Gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester just have me a prescription for it. On the prescription it says colesevelam (generic) doesn't say a name brand.

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debj533 14 Dec 2018

do you know if the pill has the same dental risks associated with the powder

Marvell 22 Dec 2009

No it doesn't. Questran did have a pill form but it has been discontinued.

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beckyq 27 Oct 2011

well i been on it for about two weeks, i like orange juice but i have that painful bladder syndrom, and orange juice just kills me does anyone have a sugestion.

beckyq 27 Oct 2011

on what i can take that nasty stuff with. it does help that for sure,


I use Hawaiian Orange Punch,Applesauce and water,I also have smashed up a banana and added some water and stir the powder with it Yummy!!!

DeniseHarvell 4 Aug 2016

I managed to find a way to drink it the first time around. I used Hershey's cocoa powder, Splenda, a little whole milk and water and heated it for hot cocoa. There was a grittiness to the texture, but the bitterness that I have heard about was completely masked. I plan on trying the Swiss Miss or Nestlé's premixed hot cocoa mix tomorrow, I was just too lazy to walk out to the RV tonight. I plan on using two packets to cover the flavor and use as directed with the medicine mixed in. I think it will work.

Jim991 25 May 2021

If you have trouble mixing cholestyramine in a glass and it clumps or won't mix. Try using a small jar with a lid - add 3/4 full of liquid , then the powder , put the lid on tightly and shake vigorously . Drink it from the jar and then add additional liquid , shake and finish drinking.
My travel secret is to use a plastic specimen cup ( new, unused) fill 3/4 with milk add cholestyramine packet , put the lid on and rapidly shake it. Drink it , refill as much as you want , shake , drink again etc. No lumps if you shake rapidly. Rinse cup , dry it for the next time. free discount card

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