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Does cholestyramine come in a pill form?

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Marvell 22 Dec 2009

No it doesn't. Questran did have a pill form but it has been discontinued.

beckyq 27 Oct 2011

well i been on it for about two weeks, i like orange juice but i have that painful bladder syndrom, and orange juice just kills me does anyone have a sugestion.

beckyq 27 Oct 2011

on what i can take that nasty stuff with. it does help that for sure,


I use Hawaiian Orange Punch,Applesauce and water,I also have smashed up a banana and added some water and stir the powder with it Yummy!!!

DeniseHarvell 4 Aug 2016

I managed to find a way to drink it the first time around. I used Hershey's cocoa powder, Splenda, a little whole milk and water and heated it for hot cocoa. There was a grittiness to the texture, but the bitterness that I have heard about was completely masked. I plan on trying the Swiss Miss or Nestlé's premixed hot cocoa mix tomorrow, I was just too lazy to walk out to the RV tonight. I plan on using two packets to cover the flavor and use as directed with the medicine mixed in. I think it will work.

jg1873 12 Sep 2017

Yes, it does come in pill form. I got sick from taking the powder form and a Gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester just have me a prescription for it. On the prescription it says colesevelam (generic) doesn't say a name brand. free discount card

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