After taking the 2nd 300mg dose of Neurontin, I developed a rapid onset of uncontrollable movements. It began with a burning sensation in my left hand, which started shaking. I also had a visual disturbance in one eye, like a bright light. My shoulders started shrugging, and my neck started turning. Your information I found 5 years later said Neurontin can cause strokes. My brain MRI shows that I have a 5mm lesion on my hypothalamic gland. I have learned that is where our body makes dopamine. One neurologist described me with ballism, which means twitching and jerking. I never found a neurologist who would connect Neurontin as the mechanism. One neurologist put on my referral to a movement disorder clinic. "This is a very odd movement disorder, and stranger still is the possible relationship to gabapentin. I have never heard of this possibility." So that is why I'm asking ~ Why don't doctors know about this side effect?