I am an over 50 year old woman who has chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and Renaud's . My Doctor (Kaiser) prescribes Vicodin for the pain. I am allowed 60 every refill. It says I can take up to 12 a day. Ok I dont want to take 12 a day. If you do and get use to that then what next. Oxy??? No way... Right now I take maybe 3 and thats in the afternoon... usually when there is breakthrough pain. That is usually when I am in the most pain... Ok I also smoke Marijuana and have a card. (Calif) This also helps with the pain I have throughout the day. Believe me when I say it really helps. So here is my problem I went to renew my prescription of the Vicodin and the Doctor said I had to come in and take a urine test. Call me naive but I thought they were just checking the levels of the Vicodin. Sooooo I get a call from a nurse telling me that I tested positive for Marijuana. Ok... I say... She says that its illegal and I wont be getting anymore Vicodin prescribed to me till I test clean. What!!! CAN they do that? Can they take a test without telling me? I know federal law is not up to date regarding Marijuana but the State is. Is there anything I can do?
Thanks in advance... and sorry for the length of this.