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Doc gave me zoloft for anxiety but Im scared to take it I feel like ima feel worse ?

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flutterby36 26 Dec 2011

I take zoloft and have been for 2yrs now for aniexty. They work, don't be afraid of them. Also, another tip for aniexty and deperssion is abilify... that works GREAT for me.

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lopez86 27 May 2011

Well I finally convinced myself to try it at first I felt really tired then I woke up really anxious then it went away I feel better like I can control my bad thoughts a little more but still got some anxiety but its the first day I hope it gets better I know it takes time thank you all for the advice I really appreciate it

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ace_rick 27 May 2011

Good news lopez86.I'm happy for you that you've finally kicked off with Zoloft..going upstairs is step by step..ace_rick

Inactive 27 May 2011

Lopez, I think what your are feeling is normal. Taking a med not knowing what to expect is scary. Glad you tried it, just try to relax and see the out come. I know what you are feeling I soooo scared of meds. Good luck. Let me know hoe things turn out.

IndyLady2012 28 May 2011

I am so glad you took the medicine thats a 1st step that you should be very proud of.Sometimes the dosage has to be adjusted.But it usually takes 4 weeks for the full effect.Be honest with your doctor regarding all your symptoms even the bad thoughts.You are in My Prayers may God Bless You with Peace from above.I am hear if you need me.Sending you Big Huge hugs.

ace_rick 28 May 2011

Indylady, nice encouraging words,I wish you include me in your prayers too!!!

IndyLady2012 28 May 2011

Ace you will be in my prayers i am so sorry you are suffering.Been there and its a terrible situation to be in i know i have experienced it 1st hand.My heart goes out to you all.You got my prayers.
God Bless You Now and Always.And may all aniexty and fear leave your bodys never to return again.

Inactive 28 May 2011

What beautiful words!, I will keep you all in my prayers too, we all have been there and know the feeling. God Bless, Von

lopez86 28 May 2011

Second day I slept a lot better still a lil shaky nt as dizzy or nauseous hope it keeps getting better I need my life back @Indylady thank u so much for your words of encouragement I really appreciate it thanks to all of you in this tuff time that I'm going through it helps to know Im nt alone May GOD Bless U All

IndyLady2012 28 May 2011

No problem at all.Its so nice to be able to be here for each other when we need each other.This is one place i will check often just to see if anyone is in need.Von you will be in my prayers also.
Just remember We are here for each other.One day i may need you guys my days are far from perfect.Today i am having terrible hip pain.Feels like my hip bone is literly cutting through the skin.But i pray that it gets better and i just have to trust God.
By the way my name is Sharon if that makes it more personal for you all.Doesnt matter to me what you call me just dont call me bad name ha ha.

ace_rick 28 May 2011

Well Sharon,I for one don't care if people call me bad names,Hemingway was called bad names.. 'Good named bad and bad named good'.. But calling bad words is cursing,and that is bad..just sharing my thoughts. ace

IndyLady2012 29 May 2011

Hi Ace.Actually i dont care either and i have always been a person to speak my mind and alot of people dont like to hear the truth.I actually was just joking around when i said that.And you are exactly right it is cursing and i actually shouldnt of been cutting up that way.But i was just trying to add a little fun into things.Thanks for the words of wisdom
God Bless You Too

Avrahom 25 May 2011

I was prescribed Zoloft in 1992 and took it for a few years to help my obsessive compulsive disorder. With me there was no side effects and I was able to function. My opinion, if you want to fight your situation without medication good. If not, try the Zoloft. It may help. In the world of anxiety we shouldn't be scared but patient. as I have been there too.

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ace_rick 26 May 2011

Dear Avrahom,since you'd been taking Zoloft for a few years,did it cure your obsessive compulsive disorder?Or it just helped reduce it to some extent? your answers are important.thanks.ace_rick

Avrahom 26 May 2011

Ace Rick:
The Zoloft only lessened the symptoms of my obsessive compulsive disorder, not diminish them.

ace_rick 26 May 2011

Thanks a lot Avrahom for your reply,but I still have one question if you wouldn't mind answering it:What's in your experience the good drug for anxieties which doesn't cause nausea,or at least cause mild nausea,for I have this problem,kill me but don't make me nauseous.It doesn't matter what kind of anxiety.Again thank you.ace_rick

Avrahom 26 May 2011


Medicine effects people in different ways. What is good for you may not be good for me and vice versa. I had been taking Xanax for my anxiety before my Doctor prescribed Buspar. The withdrawal symptoms from stopping the Xanax, which is a controlled substance, was pure hell. I had anxiety attacks worse than before until it finally subsided.

IndyLady2012 25 May 2011

I didnt take any medicine for years out of fear of a adverse reaction.
But i did finally relieze that the only thing you need to fear is fear itself.
You will be fine.Look at it this way.If it helps it will be well worth it.
I do understand i have been there and if it hadnt been for my husband pushing me i probally would still not be on any medicine and still suffering.

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Inactive 25 May 2011

Lopez, yes it is normal to feel scared. Im the worst. It took my doc a while to get me to trust him to take meds. I have not taken zoloft but my daughter was on it for years and she did great on it. The only reason she is off is because her stupid ex husband told her she couldn't take it anymore. She is home with me and doing good so maybe she will be ok. But she would be the first to tel you it did great for her.

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LaurieShay 25 May 2011

Hey lopez,

Zoloft is a good choice of antidepressants that also help with anxiety. It may take as much as a month to reach full effectiveness. If you experience any of the possible side effects, keep in mind they generally subside after a couple of weeks. If anything becomes too bothersome give the doc a call.

If Zoloft happens to not work for you there are other antidepressants that help anxiety that you can try. Unfortunately it is a trail and error sort of deal, but you will find the one that works for you. So relax and take the medication and don't be too hard on yourself, a little apprehension is normal.

Good luck with the new med,


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sweetie pie 25 May 2011

Hello Lopez! I can understand your apprehension taking a new medication. But, how will you know it will not help you if you do not try it for awhile. I hope that the doctor went over the possible side effects of Zoloft with you. They are just POSSIBLE! side effects! I have been on Zolft for years now and it has really made a big difference in how I feel. Also, if Zoloft does not help you there are many more antideppresants available. So talk to your doctor about your concerns. It is normal to feel alittle uneasy when starting a new medication. I wish you the best! Sweetie Pie

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ace_rick 25 May 2011

Hi Lopez86,
(( Experiment breeds experience )) Zoloft,sertraline, is a good popular SSRI antidepressant which treats depression and many kinds of anxieties and phobias.lopez,my advice is that you've got to break the ice to ease your tension and that is by breaking the led open and swallow the little piece.Try not to give Zolft a suspicios look;it's not an ambush as you might think.There's some sense in your hesitation not to take it,and I think you worry about its side effects,right?Well,the first few days will be a little hard but the undesirable effects do disappear gradually.Just follow your doc's instructions and don't listen to that bothering whisper which tells don't.Remember, that you suffer from anxiety,and anxiety makes you suspects every strange thing as disastrous.You went to a doc because you couldn't fight the ugly anxiety within you,so now you are given a great opportunity..therefore seize it...


seize it..and make some happy will.lots of luck for you .P.S,give it a couple of weeks if it's no good ask for another one.ace_rick

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IndyLady2012 25 May 2011

Thats a normal reaction for someone who suffers from aniexty.
Fear is what brings it on to begin with.I have had it for years i personally took zoloft and it didnt help me.Lexapro is a great drug if you suffer from alot of aniexty.

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