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Diskets - how long does methadone stay in your system?

This question has also been asked and answered here: How long does Methadone stay in your system?

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jk13 26 Apr 2011

Methadone is a really strange drug that effects everyone who takes it differently, thus the reason why you're probably asking this question cause there's no good answer. The longer that you take the drug, the more of the drug there is that builds up in your liver (it however doesn't harm the liver, just hangs out there). So... when you take it for the first week, the drug would be out of your system anywhere from 8 to 50 hours (according to one source). If you've taken the medication for a long time, then the clearance rate will of course be much much slower. Also, this is the same reason as to why there is no good conversion rate from methadone to anything else, it simply varies too much. I know that there are some sources that will quote a conversion, but these are never very accurate, and are really nothing more than a loose guess if it converts for long term usage. Hope that this is of some help!
Jeff K

Springer10 27 Apr 2011

jk13, when I was on Methadone (13yrs), my clinic expressly stated that it was a 36hr period in one's system. There may be some active metabolites by then, but I would go into WD after 24hrs of no use. So, there are too many variables with the half-life of Methadone. The first week on it was just as you said, after about 8 to 10 hrs, I'd be feeling the ache, so to speak.

Anonymous 27 Apr 2011

I was on pills, & was switched to hydrocodone. I felt really great, no pain for 3 days, & then it started coming back. So my experience was 36 hours. like jk said it varies...

BRRMARS 27 Apr 2011

i asked my doc the same question, and that is one of the biggest debates right now, it really depends on multible factors, how long, how high of a dose, your metabolism, they are not even sure of the half life of methadone it is different for everyone. sorry we couldn't give you a more direct answer but there isn't one. free discount card

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