... I have recently come of cymbalta 60 mg that I researched and took for 6 years for Irritable Bowel Disease with constipation. The reason? Because i was honest with a new insurance provider that required a pre-auth and they denied it. So, I chose to come off, it has been a long time, and my attempts to communicate with the insurance people were fruitless.
I tapered myself, but wow, once stopped, it really is hard-irregardless of why you are taking it. I have really invested in probiotics for my IBS, but the mood lability is brutal. I am so tearful, and easy to loose it with my family.
I should also mention that I am just 4 weeks post op for an extensive shoulder surgery, and the pain is still so severe. I believe it is complicated by the recent conclusion of my Cymbalta taper 2 weeks ago.
I have not had any of the other symptoms of the discontinuation syndrome that I have read about, but would like to know how others manage their mood lability (when not originally taken for mood), and if others have had challenges with increased difficulty in pain management. I would be so grateful for any and all advice. Thanks!