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Dicyclomine does not seem to be working for my son's stomach pains, any suggestions?

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kaismama 16 Feb 2015

Can you describe the pain, when does it happen, is it all the time. Is it constant or intermittent. Where is it? How old is he?

4sharick 16 Feb 2015

It is pretty constant, but he has learned to live with it (sort of). He is 17. We have had ALL kinds of tests done with no diagnosis. Possibly, ever so slightly, maybe lactose intolerant? But the pain does not seem to coincide with food of any type???


kaismama 16 Feb 2015

Wow its not like he hasn't been tested. It could be something with lactose, or gluten. Have they tried something like pepcid for him?

balbanese 16 Feb 2015

Yes, please take him to the Dr who can examine and diagnose and get him some relief.

4sharick 16 Feb 2015

we have been to his pediatrician and a pediatric gastroenterologist, done extensive tests - that is why I posted to get feedback.

Thanks, though.

balbanese 16 Feb 2015

Okay, that wasn't evident in the post. Many times we get folks looking online for things only a Dr visit can resolve. I hope things improve, and sooner than later.

Kitty 16 Feb 2015

How long has this been happening? Is Dicyclomine the only medication
they have tried? Are there any other kinds of medication he is taking for
any other problems? Have they addressed anxiety?

4sharick 16 Feb 2015

About 6 months. No other meds or health issues, Happy, healthy, kid - very little stress (outside of being a teenager). Just a mystery.

Lisa01 17 Feb 2015

It could be that the Dr needs to increase his daily dosage. I realize this sounds odd, but I find there's a marked difference between the dicyclomine pills and the capsules. I've taken dicyclomine for over 20 years. I find little relief from the capsules, but a huge difference from the pills. So perhaps it might affect your son the same way. He may feel a different reaction from whichever one he doesn't take. I also developed IBS when I was a teenager and really understand the difficulties it can cause. I hope he finds some relief soon.

4sharick 17 Feb 2015

HA HA - that is exactly what he did! When we went yesterday, he told him to take it 3X a day instead of 2...
Thanks for the insight! Hope you are feeling well these days, too!

Lisa01 17 Feb 2015

I hope this dosage change does the trick for him. He'll just need to find the dose that works for him. And he'll have to realize that no matter if the medication is working for him, he's still going to have the occasional bad day when nothing seems to help. My IBS has been controlled by the dicyclomine for 20+ years. I hope your son has the same kind of luck with it that I have.

Inactive 7 Aug 2018

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