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Diclofenac - Can Tramadol be use for menstrual pain?

5 Answers

Elliott1997 11 Jan 2017

Can tramadol help with periods pains as when I get them nothing seems to work?

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Delila 20 Oct 2014

Hi, i would favour Mebeverine over both of these medications, it is intended for the exact issue you are sufferring with

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balbanese 20 Oct 2014

Yes it can, just so long as it's prescribed and you are made aware of the nasty side-effect of seizures. The ceiling daily dose is 450 mgs, however, this is lower if you have migraine's and sometimes during the menstrual cycle. Speak to your Dr before Taking Tramadol, if possible, opt for Hydrocodone, it's safer and works better.

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Mackintosh 21 Oct 2014

I must agree with balbanese here; Hydrocodone works better and is safer IMO, too!!

Mackintosh 20 Oct 2014

I take Tramadol and have been on Voltaren while taking it without a problem. Are you asking if you can take both at the same time?

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kaismama 20 Oct 2014

Its worth a try if you have bad cramps

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