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Diazepam - How long can you store the pills after its due date?

3 Answers

Inactive 20 Jan 2013

I agree with what the other members said. From my experience I have used meds long after they expired. Most medications last well over their expiration date. My hubby takes a benzo that is 4 yrs old and it still works for him.

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Inactive 20 Jan 2013

Forgot to mention, do not store them in a medicine cabinet where there is moisture such as the washroom, bathroom, kitchen etc..

tptmsmt 21 Jan 2013

Thank you all

MacIntosh12 20 Jan 2013

I agree with LaurieShay, they are probably still good. We had a member that posted an article about how medications (but not antibiotics, if I recall correctly) are good for much longer than what the expy date is on the vial. I wish I could find that post for you, yet I can't recall who the poster was.

Your pharmacist may tell you that your medication is not going to be efficacious after a certain amount of time, but I believe that is incorrect.
Big pharma does this so that we will try to get refills, therefore spending more money. 'Tis all about the dollar Green.
Best wishes to you,

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LaurieShay 20 Jan 2013

Pharmacist say one year from fill date, but chance are they are good for another year at least.

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