Hello, just stopped taking Prozac because it made me very tired, but I was feeling better. Dr. changed me over to Pristiq. I also take pain medication for lunbar surgeries. Last night I started my new Pristiq, 50mg pill. It knocked me out for 12 hours! Now after 2 hours of being awake I feel like a zombie, very foggy, extremely calm, slow moving and I could go back to bed easily. I have to force my self to even type or be on my computer and stay awake now. I know it is very early on. Just wanna know if anyone has started these and had the same effect the next day, and how long before these may change this side affect? Or would it maybe better to take in the morning? I dont want to feel like a zombie the rest of my life! One more thing, I was thinking of breaking it in half, seeing how strong it has affected me.TY