My girlfriend has been experiencing vaginal bleeding after we have intercourse. I have an average sized penis, and we haven't been engaging in anything rough. When she was 15 (she's 18 now) she had cysts removed from her ovaries that had ruptured as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome. After leaving the hospital she was treated for pelvic Inflammatory disease, which she contracted in the hospital. She has a severe fear of anyone seeing her vagina, and refuses to see a gynecologist. I spoke with her primary care doctor and he suggested that her Depo-provera injections may be a contributing factor to her vaginal bleeding following sexual intercourse. He's referred her to a psychiatrist to help ease her worries about seeing a gynecologist. She's planning something special for our anniversary (that involves sex) and I'm concerned that the depo-provera might not be the cause. If anyone has any experience with depo-provera causing vaginal bleeding after intercourse please respond.