I have been on bupropion, off and on, for nearly 3 years, mostly for ADHD. This medication treats my symptoms of inattention, though it does somewhat exasperate my anxiety symptoms at times. That said, I have tried to go off of it, experience withdrawal symptoms, and once those end, I get "depressed". Not the gloom and doom type of depression, but I get very lethargic and feel unmotivated. My problem is, it gives me acne. Within one day of the first dose, my acne returns. This is extremely frustrating and no amount of staying hydrated, using topical acne medications, moisturizing, etc. will control it. My skin just looks horrible when I'm on this medication. I feel so much better, am more productive, and it makes my other ADHD medication more effective and increases its duration of effect. What can I do, if anything, to control the acne side effect or is this something I will just have to live with. Will it go away? Is it the manufacture and if so could requesting a different manufacture help? Thanks!