I put up a post before. I now have more questions that I’m going someone has an answer too or can relate to? I started bc a day late then second week missed a pill. Told ob/gyn she didn’t seemed concerned so neither did I. Until a week before my period after having sex had spotting just alittle light an more pink then red. Didn’t think much being that my bf is large. About 3 days before my period night before had sex again that weird spotting. Figured must just be period coming, next morning more spotting more than just when I’d wipe. Happened for about an hour maybe then stopped. Had sex last night today is day before my period. When I awoke an sat on the couch I felt a big gush an wetness. Figured being my period is due tomorrow that I had started my period. Went to bathroom to see my undies were soaked with a clear discharge no smell? Should I be worried I got a pap and checked out at the beginning of this month neg for any sti also neg for any bad bacteria. Please if you have any info let me know. Thanks for reading.