Hi I took plan b may 30th because the condom broke during intercourse and we are not sure when it did , he pulled out and started cumming , he was sure he didn't cum in me but I was afraid about Precum and got the pill the next day less then 24 hours after sex. I started bleeding 3 days later it started out light brown and got very heavy full on bleeding like a menstrual cycle it lasted for 5 days. I had cramps too during then. During the bleeding I did have slight itching but seemed to go away then. Few days after I then experienced the feeling like I need to pee and sometimes I'd go and barely anything would come out . Even a few minutes after going I'd get the need to pee again and barely anything would come out , no pain or discoloration in pee . Just the need to pee. I have been having cramps , nothing really different with my breasts .i took the pill about 6 days before ovulation and now it's been 2 weeks and a few days and I'm due for my period soon and I'm having to pee frequently and am having clear wet discharge the past day when I feel down there it's very wet could this be from the hormones in my body or could my body havd restarted its cycle since the plan b bleeding and does that mean the discharge could be from ovulating so many questions are running through my head and I'm only young and I really don't want to be pregnant please help !!!