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Cyproheptadine - In order to gain weight how many times a day must I take this pill?


endlessPred 22 July 2013

It is very dangerous to take a pill prescribed to someone else. Your health and makeup will be very different from the friend. If you have not had a full physical, you may be endangering yourself. See a doctor and if you are doing well, ask the doctor to prescribe for you. It ma even be something better suited to you. Please be very careful.

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Delila 24 July 2013

I agree! : )

Delila 22 July 2013

Hi, if you are an adult, using this medication for weight gain, then it is advised that you take this 4 times a day. Was this medication prescribed for you? And if so, did your doctor not give you dosing information?

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Sweetie11 22 July 2013

No it was not prescribed to me a friend of mine gained weight off this pill so I asked her for some

Delila 24 July 2013

Hi Sweetie, i can't lecture you as i've taken prescription medications in the past which weren't prescribed for me, but i regret that now. I hope you listen to the advice endlesspred has given you, and visit your doctor to ask for this medication yourself. You friend will likely have been assessed by her doctor to see if she is able to take this healthily. Please do the same... free discount card

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