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Can cymbalta be taken beyond 120mg, I would increase myself to 150mg, or 180mg, has this been done?

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26 Feb 2012

I have not heard of a prescribing dose being higher than 120mg. I don't know what side effects/overdose possibilities there are to cymbalta but I would search dosing info on this site for more info.


26 Feb 2012

Hello crazy-one. NO. Cymbalta can cause a person blood pressure to drop. That alone should be a warning and thats at the recommended daily dose of 60mg. The ceiling dose be the person taking the drug for arthritis, depression or fibrmayalia remains at 60mg. I'd not recommend self medicating. Best of wishes,pledge

Anonymous 26 Feb 2012

Pledge, my friend, I know that too & my doc just took me off Lyrica & put on Savella. It Savella has a tendancy to raise BP (so watching closely) you say Cymbalta lowers it? Huh, wonder why they didn'y try that one instead. Aren't they basic in makeup? (Coffees, hot too)... Mary

Anonymous 26 Feb 2012

Hi there Mary. How are you doing? Yes very true. Savella and Cymbalta are both SNRIs. A reason might be that Cymbalta, by treating Fibro and bone and joint pains thats the drug being used as an off lable use. Much as Wellbutrin, developed as an antidepressant, just as Cymbalta is, is used off label (Wellbutrin) as an drug to help people stop smoking. My son used it and it worked in his case. No longer smokes. Cymbalta is foremost an antidepressant. That it works for other conditions is a major plus to the drug. As to Cymbalta droping blood pressure, that considered a severe side effect to taking it. Not a common normal one. Iut theres a risk factor that I wouldn't want to challenge going on a higher than recommended dose by the manufacturer. Coffees great! pledge

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