Final got my girlfriend who has been prescribed Adderall for ADD over 15 years to admit she is addicted.

Two weeks ago I took her Adderall away. I am giving her 2 (60mg) a day. I have let her have 2.5 pills (70 mg) a couple of times to help ease the withdraw. I sense that she is going to be difficult if I try to force her below (60mg) anytime soon.

I have seen some slight improvements in the last few days... She did go out twice this week for a run on the beach. There has been some minor improvement in her sleeping habits. Any suggestions or ideas. (Treatment at this time is not an option)

FYI..Despite the fact that she used to be an avid runner, (and the fact that the we live right on the ocean) she rarely goes out. She doesn't work. She rarely ever goes to sleep before daybreak. To get to sleep she has to take obscene amounts of over the counter sleeping pills.Her eating habits are ridiculous. She survives on Diet Mountain Dew, Pepperidge Farm Crackers, Hummus, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Processed Cheese, and Cereal. Despite her horrendous eating habits; she is not overweight, and appears to be in good condition.