Hey, I used to take lexapro (Escitalopram) for a while, i stopped taking it around 6 months ago because I thought that I no longer needed it for my anxiety. Everything was fine, until a few days ago. I am currently in college and I think I got overwhelmed with stress. I had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. Heart was beating very fast, very out of breathe, shaking, sweats, etc. (This was in the middle of the night). Then next morning I hoped it would just be a one time deal that would go away, but I was wrong. For the last 3 days or so, I have been having constant panic attacks, happening many times throughout the day at complete random times. I decided I needed to go back on Lexapro so I called in my prescription and picked it up yesterday. I looked at the dossage and it says 20mg, I remeber going from 10-20 about 1 year ago due to the fact it was not helping me. I took the medicine at around noon yesterday right when I got it, and I started having some major side effects, very dissy, blurred vision, fast heartbeat, etc.

Should I cut my dosage down to 10mg (cut pill in half) as I start getting myself back into the medicine? And then after a week or so start taking the full pill? Just worried if going from 0mg to 20mg overnight is a lot on me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, I am going through one of the worst times in my life. I have never been depressed before ever and I am starting to feel these feelings as of lately. I wish my panic attacks would just go away as It is hard to sit in a classroom for my 1h 45 minutes classes when I am having constant panic attacks.

Thank you