... it takes to work. I would like to have one of my practitioners write for injectables, but I haven't found the right way to ask. My go-to is Ubrelvy 50mg and then 50mg more if needed an hour later. I also take Benadryl 50mg & promethazine 50mg. All of that seems to work, but I am not worth anything the rest of the day after all of the antihistamines. Nausea is the number-one thing with my headaches and it is intolerable (hence the 50mg of promethazine). I have tried Zofran, but it does nothing for me. When I go to the Urgent Care, I get Toradol 60mg/promethazine 25mg/Benadryl 25mg, all separate injections. That works like a charm, but I save the Urgent Care for when I run out of Ubrelvy. Thanks in advance for your responses