My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex. We were not using any form of birth control. Before sex, I hadn't ejaculated for days, I also urinated before sex. During sex, I never ejaculated nor got close to the "ending" path. I pulled out several times to check my penis, of course, there was pre-cum. I would also wipe my penis every time I pulled out. One of the times that I pulled out, the pre cum was a bit cloudy. I did research on that, and found that some reasons for that cause could be the mixture of our natural lubricants along with the friction of motion, exposure to air (I did pull out several times), and maybe different chemicals "ingredients" per say, that the pre cum contains. I understand that pregnancy is always a possibility when having unprotected sex, but considering the factors (No ejaculations prior and during sex, Urinating before sex), the chances a slim. Still, we decided to take plan B just to be on the safe side. Now, yesterday my girlfriend was having regular symptoms that she can identify to those that lead up to her period, the next day (today) her symptoms are gone. She was having cramps and her breasts were bloated and a bit sore.

MY QUESTION: Has anyone had on and off cramping?

I am a bit worried because I read several sites and articles, and an early symptom of pregnancy is "on and off" cramping. Unlike period cramping, which is consistent.

NOTE: she took two plan be pills within one week. Could this be the reason? Has it happened to any of those reading this even when taking one pill? I understand it causes a lot of hormonal imbalances, especially after taking TWO.