So I'm on the pill version of birth control and I was 3 days away from having my period (according to the pills) and me and a guy had unprotected sex (I know shame on me, please don't judge I feel bad enough) and he thinks he might of got a little inside so I freaked out and got plan B the next day, 16hrs after we had sex... I took it, and kept taking my birth control but now I'm off my white sugar pills (there's only 4 at the very end for your period to come) and back on my regular pills from my new pack but my period still hasn't come yet??? And it's been like 2/3 days past, my period is NEVER off schedule so I'm freaking out!
Do you think plan B and my birth control combined and produced enough hormones to throw my period off till next week or month?? Or could I possibly be pregnet??
All voices please! I've searched high and low for answers and no one has had this same problem it seems... :,(
I never lose a beat on my birth control either, I've been on it for 2 years now but never taken plan B before.