I have been on clonazepam for 12 yrs. I have been taking 1mg. at night to help with sleep and anxiety related thoughts. I am now trying to stop because I think it was causing more harm than good, and it's been too long. I tapered from 1mg. nightly to .5 mg for a week, then tapered down to 1/4 of a 1mg tablet over a ten day period, and then stopped. I am having terrible problems with my vision, dizziness/motion sickness, slight nausea, light sensitivity and a horrible heavy-headed feeling pushing right out to my ears, and worse at the base of my head/neck. It's very difficult to focus on work (I'm at a computer all day), or even carry on a conversation. I have racing heart, which isn't great since I'm a cardiac patient. I am also sleep deprived. I have been clonazepam free for one difficult week. When will these withdrawal symptoms go away, and are they normal? Should I go back on a tiny dose and taper back off since it looks like I may have tapered too quickly, or do I stick it out? Thanks