I went to the dentist months ago, thought a cavity fell out. He told me I need a root canal on #5 was in severe pain on both sides. He told me I needed a root canal on the other side upper back last tooth and also needed my wisdom out next to that tooth. I have infection in the bone also. I have been waiting months now to get into an oral surgeon to have them extracted as I can't afford the thousands it will cost to repair the teeth :( been chewing on one side for months then to the other when that one gets bad.. Well now I'm really In trouble! 3 days ago both sides were throbbing at the same time. Haven't been able to eat for 3 days. Liquid diet only. Can't chew at all, can't touch the teeth together. So just having foods I can swallow or drink. I'm starving!! I woke up this morning to almost lock jaw.. Can't open my mouth more than a little bit
Feels like I was punched in the jaw. It's intolerable! Went to the e.r this morning couldn't take it anymore :( they gave me clindamydin 4 times a day for 7 days. This is my 3rd time taking antibiotics since it started and the first thing for this one. The 1st time the amoxicillian seemed to help and worked after all few days. So how long does this one Take to start working? And could I become ammune to antibiotics all together.. I'm also taking aleive and ib profin 800 mg and origel. Nothing is helping and I'm in tears constantly. It will be 3-4 months before I can see an oral surgeon to have a consulation. How long will this medication last? Anything else I can do as far as home treatment whip waiting? Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am desperate at this point!!