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Citalopram - Did anyone have the side effects of upset stomach or vomiting?

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Inactive 18 Mar 2012

Hello sister1968. They are both common, normal side effects when beginning on the drug. They usually ease up and disappear once you've been taking it for awhile longer. The drug will take about four weeks before you begin to feel its full theraputic capability/potential. Regards, pledge

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sister1968 18 Mar 2012

yes, but they say that about alot of drugs, I have heard from alot of people that they didnt have any side effects, I want to know if people have actually experienced it or not.
first time on medication my whole life, dont want to be sick on a pill the first time I try it, I wont be sick for weeks to just to it get better.

Inactive 29 Apr 2012

My advice to you is every one is different, & have different side effects. If you know several people that take it & don't have that particular side effect, the only way you will know if you will is to try it. They have to report ALL side effects no matter how many or how few. It doesn't automatically mean you will have them. Hope this helps in your decision... Mary

Inactive 29 Apr 2012

I agree Mary. Side effects are what they. Good example Zoloft. Its the norm to either loose weight or gain no weight. One member of the site uses it and has or did or still does gain weight. For this person, its a drug where weight gain is an issue. However, the norm per say is that weight gain isn't so. It varies. Some people never experience any side effects that are listed as common when taking a drug. Other folks do.

Delila 19 Mar 2012

Hi, sorry i can't put your mind at rest... I didn't experience these side effects, but as Pledge said, they are common potential symptoms. If you are worried give your doctor a call or speak to your pharmacist. I wouldn't worry too much though short term. Hope you feel better soon!

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Riku 9 Apr 2012

Hi there. I have just started taking citalopram - I am on day 13 today, and I have felt sick for the entirety. I am taking 20 mg daily and I guess my body is just adjusting to the new medication. It isn't pleasant though and I hope it goes away soon. I can take any physical pain but hate feeling nauseous. I also get headaches and feel tired a lot as I am not sleeping. I have also lost 8kg and have no appetite. I plan to stick with it as many drugs in the SSRI field have similarly unwanted side effects for the first month to six weeks. I hope the symptoms go away for you - I have heard much good about the drug. Good luck!

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Asianeyes 6 Aug 2013

Hello I take 10mg a day, I find that if its daytime with food I feel fine but if I take at nighttime I can get an uncomfortable gnawing feeling. Over time you get more use to it and it goes away. I was on it three months or so and in past few months decided take a break from it bc depression sumptoms were gone. Mind that I have unusual sensitivity to taking medicine and tend to get sick alot.

Recently I decided have my prescription refilled I have found that I am no longer able to stomach celexa since being diagnosed with stomach ulcers the high acidity makes my ulcers flare up causing nausea vomiting lasting for days. Im not able to take OTC NSAIDS either among alot other things This is just my individual experience hope it answers your question.

older sister 8 May 2018

I have taken 20 mg per of Citalopram for 15 years and it has served me well, but about a month ago I had a panic attack out of the blue. My Dr. felt that the dosage was too low and increased it to 30 mg. I helped for a few weeks and the the nausea returned and now the nausea makes me feel panicky and tired.

Graceyc 26 Apr 2012

I have been on citalopram 10 mg for three weeks. I'm still having nausea, jaw clenching, crying spells, and headaches.

I have a friend who is on this drug for panic attacks. She vomited for the first two weeks. Her psychiatrist kept her on it and she is now doing fine, 6 months later.

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endlessPred 26 Apr 2012

I have had no problems with it except a very mild nausea. Being pregnant was a whole lot worse! lol

Have you contacted your doctor? I get anti nausea meds when a new med is causing an issue. It is also important when you are taking it, if you have eaten at that time and what you are eating. I go for oatmeal, yogurt, and soothing foods. The fiber is essential for the stomach to work on rather than the stomach lining.

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Tee6759 26 Apr 2012

I wish I could say it will go away soon. I was on 40mg then went to 60mg. I was fortunate I guess to not experience any of the side effects you speak of. I already had insomnia, so that part didn't affect me any differently. If it causes you such great concern, by all means contact your doctor and discuss this with them. There are others in the same family that may not affect you like this. I hope you find relief. Take care.
In peace

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Inactive 29 Apr 2012

Tee, are you still on 60mg? there was a FDA warning that anything over 40mg a day can cause heart problems. Just thought you should know about this just in case... Mary

Dumpster Diver 28 Apr 2012

I have been on citalaprn for 6 yrs. 20 mg. No problem, just ate breakfast first
Then Dr. upped it to 40 mgs daily and I felt like a zombie. But in answer to
your ?, no never had nausea.

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Graceyc 28 Apr 2012

You are fortunate. Are you still on 40 mg daily?

Sick of meds 11 Jun 2017

Yes and the nausea will not go away after 2 years on 20mg per day

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Shanlou 10 Oct 2017

I have took citlopram 20mg over last few months on and off and only side effects I had was diarrhea upset tummy I've just gone back on them I took my tablet at 7.30 I threw up 2 hours and 20 minutes later I started to feel funny and thew up I took my tablet this morning went asda came home had some honey puffs with milk and a wrap got into bed and started to feel sick

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Eliza1990 5 Apr 2018

I have done a lot of searching online regarding Citalopram and its side effects, I've also read the Daily Telegraph article about the warnings to doctors based on latest scientific evidence, I have friends who have taken Citalopram and have taken it myself. My findings have been that very few people seem to get on with it and certainly it made me very ill. Sertraline works for me; it is effective within a relatively short space of time and for me had very few side effects.

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Applegreen 10 Oct 2018

I have come off citalopram now two weeks without support or informing my gp.I decided that I didn't need this any more .I have been feeling hot and sometimes dizzy .but I have rested drinking fresh water and meat free diet .I feel at the time when I needed this after death of my mother and had a stressful job .I was in a difficult helped but now I don't have the stress I have .just every day life .I haven't spoke to my gp. I just made my own choice in what I want to with my body . I feel better not taking it as u can rely on drugs u don't need ..may have a way to go but it worth it

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LaraLou 27 Nov 2018

I have been on 20mg of citalopram for 10 years. At the start I suffered increased anxiety but this settled down after 2 weeks. 4 months ago for no apparent reason I started getting an upset stomach immediately after I took a pill. I now have hypersensitivity to them and get an upset stomach within minutes of taking them. The Dr prescribed gastric tablets but they haven't helped. I always took the tablets with food and I can't offer up an explanation as to why they now effect me in this adverse way.

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Savatay 28 Jan 2019

I used to take this medication when I was a teenager, and it didn't give me any terrible side effects. Then two years ago I started taking it again, and got violently ill by the fourth day of taking it. I couldn't hold anything down. No amount of ondansetron in the world could make it stop and the anxiety got so bad that I couldn't sleep for a 10 days. I'm now trying it again at a much lower dose, but I'm still getting a bit of nausea and a fast heart rate.

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Maggienet 17 May 2019

I took my first 20mg dosage and immediately started having anxiety attacks. The very next day, I was told by Dr to cut pill in half and take it at night, but the side effects are very bad. Intense heat, dizzieness and insomnia. Today is Friday morning and still experiencing the symptoms. Wondering when it will leave my system.

Dollytucker 25 Jun 2020

I was told to take 10 mg for four days then on the fifth day take 20mg on the fifth day after taken 20 mg the sixth morning I went into full blown panic attack ended up in hospital though I was dying dry mouth dizzy heart racing sweating here it is then day later from completely stopping them on day six because it was scarey feeling I'm having hot flashes and sweat intense body heat as soon as I woke up for hour and as soon as I go to bed for the first hour , my anxiety pior to this was generalized but now is worse I dunno if these are with draws of it or what it did to me I would never consider taken these for mild anxiety at all the side effects where worse then how I started

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WildcatVet 25 Jun 2020

"Side effects have been reported to be generally mild and transient. They are most common during the first 2 weeks of treatment and decrease in intensity and frequency with continued treatment. They generally do not lead to treatment cessation."
You all should have been warned but unfortunately health care professionals are limited in the amount of time that they can spend with a patient. Every prescription comes with a Patient Information sheet and information can also be found on internet sites... is a good example.

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