I’ve been on 10mg citalopram for nearly 3 months. I wanted to get really used to 10mg to see what happened as I had a terrible experience with the first antidepressant I tried.

I would say 10mg has made some difference, however, I still suffer with awful night time anxiety and fear of a panic attack. I’ve tried therapy for ages and it just doesn’t seem to work. I need something that numbs the panic, so I can then use the therapy which is why I opted to try citalopram.
As mentioned, I do feel it’s helped somewhat, there’s things I’ve done without anxiety I haven’t been able to do for a good 6 months prior to starting them. However, I think I could maybe benefit for an increase to 20mg, as my doctor said realistically 10 won’t do a lot.

I did struggle for the first few weeks and I’d say it took 7-8 weeks to reach a point I didn’t dread taking the tablet and things settled more. I’m really really afraid of feeling as bad or worse or taking as long to settle if I go up to 20mg. Upping the dose in my first try of an antidepressant went terribly terribly wrong, although I did it after 2 weeks and I’ve heard that particular antidepressant can be horrendous to start.

Is it likely that if I have seen some progress with 10mg, it’s well suited to me and an increase would work further? I desperately don’t want to rock the boat but my therapist isn’t great on the medication side of things and my doctor is near enough useless and has left me to my own devices.