I have been on 10mg citroplam for years but not talking them properly like I should... anyways I have gone through a break up 10 year relationship mutual decision we have 2 young children whom I love so so much I have moved into a 2 bed flat to be close to them but since I moved out the depression and anxiety has hit me like a bullet my family are 60 miles up the motorway and I feel scared and lonely so the Dr prescribed me 20 mg citroplam been taking it 8 days

Every morning I get up with huge panic attacks and worry of life when my kids come round to see me I feel so anxious and nervous that I'm not a great dad etc when I go out I feel like people are looking at me I feel like I'm.going to have a panic attack... do I sound depressed my mum tells me I have to.wait till the pills kick in my dad suffered with mental health problems so.it was only my mum that was there for me even though i know my dad loved me

I think.far too much I'm always concerned and telling my self I want to be as good as a dad as I can

But I just feel like I'm going crazy and I know these are thr side affects for ciproplam

Sorry for the long story I just need a bit of guidance