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My granddaughter gets Children's Zyrtec everyday given by her mother. Year round. Is this safe?


Official Answer by 21 Dec 2018

Here is the recommended Zyrtec dosage guide for infants and children under the age of 12 years old.

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Mackintosh 29 June 2016

I believe so. While you did not list the child's age, I cared full time for a girl who took a regular dose (tablet form) of generic Zyrtec daily as recommended/rx'ed by her pediatrician, and she did just fine.
It is always to make sure & at least check with the child's pediatrician to be sure it is safe for her and that she is receiving the proper medication at the right dose (even with OTC meds) for her condition. Her doctor should at least be informed that she is taking it daily.

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Crystal D 29 June 2016

My son which is 13 has been on it for alittle over a year but his Dr. did Prescribe it to him. So far it seems to be working the way it should to help allergy's. So I would think its OK. If you don't feel that its right, I do think it would not hurt to ask the doctor just to be on safe side. Good luck.

Kb-in-Yuma 30 June 2016

Thank-you for your response.
She is seven, and no pediatrician was involved. I was just worried. free discount card

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