I am prescribed Klonopin for anxiety problems. I do not take them very often so that I don't have to worry so much about potential addiction problems -- it's prescribed .5mg/day for 30 days -- I find myself taking it once a week.

I have been having chronic stomach pains that feel like severe indigestion or what I imagine an ulcer would feel like -- and have been treating those with OTC like Prilosec without much success. I get these if not daily then every other day, every two or three days tops -- in other words, not constantly but still very often.

Today when I experienced these pains, after suffering through them for a few hours, I took a Klonopin and noticed that, within minutes, the pain subsided.

Can anxiety manifest itself in this way, and if so, is this the right way to be treating it? This doesn't seem like a panic attack in the traditional sense to me, so is this what I should be taking to remedy it? Is all the stomach problems really just a sign of being super-anxious?

Thanks for any guidance.