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Why do they say do not chew or crush the wellbutrin XL?

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masso 10 Oct 2014

As it is extended release if you chew, break, etc .,too much medication will be released at once causing more unwanted side effects. It is supposed to be taken every 12 hours.

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bree911 10 Oct 2014

Thanks, a new medication for me and wanted to mayb cut it in half for the first time and perhaps the first two weeks.. I figure doin anything even cutting it in half to start would b ok... But it says not to chew or crush. Cutting it is close I would gather

masso 10 Oct 2014

You are welcome (do not cut it).

DzooBaby 10 Oct 2014

Cutting it in half is NOT okay!! You must swallow this pill whole! The Dr gives you the starting dose then makes adjustments upward if needed. There is no reason to start with a lower dose so DO NOT cut it in half. You can do yourself great harm cutting a time release pill or altering it in any way!

kaismama 10 Oct 2014

If a pill isn't scored (the line down the middle) You aren't supposed to cut, crush, or chew it. Or alter it in any way. You'll have way more reaction cutting it then you would letting it whole. You'll get all the meds at once.

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DzooBaby 10 Oct 2014

This is a time release pill. If you cut, crush or chew it, it releases a full days medication all at once because you defeat the time release mechanisms built into the Pill. Swallow it whole and take it as directed. DO NOT ALTER THIS PILL IN ANY WAY or you could get TOO MUCH MEDICATION ALL AT ONCE!!!

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