I have been on Bu-spar (buspirone) now for three months.. It worked for a while and I was happy and laughing again and can drive my car.. My husband was having to drive me where ever I needed to go.. I was having Anxiety and panic attacks like crazy.. This has never happen to me before.. I was awake most of the night tingling and my skin was cold, but hot on the inside that lasted two hours.. My heart was pounding and it was like there was a committee of thoughts in my head. My husband took me to the ER three times and they found nothing wrong thank God.. Since being on buspirone I've had fewer attacks.. I have read many positive reviews on Celexa and it works for Anxiety and panic attacks and how they wished they knew about this pill along time ago.. I was wondering if I should talk to my Dr. about switching me to Celexa or should I continue with buspirone? Thank you and God bless!