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Celebrex 200mg that expired July 2012 is it still safe to take?

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endlessPred 22 April 2013

How do you know the medication expired? I think you mean the prescription date? Medications if stored away from heat, light, and moisture are usually good at least one year afterwards. Best bet is to call the pharmacy where it was filled and ask them. They have records that will help you. Big pharmacies go through so much medication that most are good for two years at least.

Again, where you stored it is the key.

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sara12345 22 April 2013

I myself take my expired medications except for antibiotics or patches. The U.S. Army did a survey on the effectiveness of medications that were 10 years old and found that they all were effective. I've taken pain pills that are 6 years old and they work just right. Also I've taken Ambien 5 years old that worked fine. Also the latest study showed that canned goods are good for many years after they are expired. Haven't had any problems from eating the expired ones. It's just the manufacturers way of getting you to buy more. Even my doctor said it was okay to take pills that were several years old. Suit yourself, but last July isn't very old.

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Marvell 21 April 2013

I wouldn't take it. Manufacturers do not guarantee the quality of medicines past their expiry date.

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