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Can you take tramadol w/ suboxone?

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2 Feb 2012

Welcome to the site. Suboxone BLOCKS all opiates and opoids and tramadol is an opoid. You can take it, but it won't help, because the suboxone will block it. Is there a reason you want or need to take it, like an injury or pain causing condition. If there is, you should talk to your dr about options, if you need opiate, you need to be off suboxone, in order for them to work. If you will click comment, you can add more info and we can offer more suggestions. Patti

2tonetommy 24 Jun 2013

I'm sorry, Patti, but you ma'am are absolutely 100% incorrect. Lol sorry to burst your bubble, but I've done it with 0 negative effects. I still receive complete pain relief mixing the two drugs.

alijen1950 25 Aug 2014

What can you take if you have severe pain?

alijen1950 25 Aug 2014

Is there anything besides aspirin, Motrin, NSAIDS, Tylenol that I can take occasionally?

Kris1968 26 Oct 2014

Tramadol is not a narco it acts like one but is not.u need to get facts right.and live a couple yrs .im thinking your 18-26 yrs

4 Dec 2014

According to my Physician yes you can. I was surprised when he recommended Tramadol as a Pain Management option (I had a painful case of Mild Acute Pancreatitis) since as he also prescribes me 8mg or Buprenorphine twice a day and has for several years for relapse prevention. I also consulted with my pharmacist and he said the the Buprenorphine may partially negate the pain reliving effects of the Tramadol but it would still provide some relief and was better than Tylenol. Always take all medications as directed especially when taking with a partial or full opiod agonist or Benzodiazepine. Also to my understanding over-regulating Tramadol can lead to Grand Mal seizures among other things

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