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Can you take excedrin with suboxone?


cainon25 17 Dec 2011

You can usually take most OVC meds like tylenol and asprin. The drugs that you want to stay clear from are other opiates especially methadone. Then of course you would have your 15 minutes in hell from percepitated withdrawl.Benzos are another drug you should stay away from, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

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Thor283 16 Dec 2011

Yes you can have Excedrin. You can have any of the OTC pain meds. The only things you can't mix with Suboxone are other opiates. You would need a script for any of them. Basically the Buprenorphine in Sub is also an opiate. But it's a unique one and you can't mix other opiates with it. Just don't do that and you will be alright.

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