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Can you overdose on alprazolam.can it kill you?

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26 Nov 2010

Yes it can kill you if you take too many. It is a respiratory depressant and could stop your breathing. Be extremely careful with this medication!!

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booter46 26 Nov 2010

Follow this advice,and be careful. Always be careful with meds.

27 Nov 2010

I added you as a friend, please add me so we can chat privately about this. Sable

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30 Nov 2010

yes. unfortunetly i overdosed on it abou 3years ago, bad thing is i was in school when it happened dont remember anything woke in the hospitial wondering where i was at, finding out that i puked all over the school, pissed on my bookbag in the halls and got kicked out for the rest of the year wasnt fun they said i had lost so many fluids that if i had arrived 30mins later i wouldve been dead. xanax is not a toy or any med for that fact

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