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Can you fail a drug test taking naproxen?

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Jcourt1 24 Sep 2021

Yes you can test positive. The percent of folks won’t. With any NSAID and Prilosec things for GERD or acid reflux also can cause a false positive for THC

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Zane123 13 Jan 2020

I'm prescribed 800 milligrams of naproxen twice a day or 1600 milligrams a day I just failed my work UA for thc so I asked if naproxen can cause a false positive and was told yes it can if taken chronically (over 1000 milligrams a day )

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King_Dreydrey 21 June 2017


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alicia32 26 Sep 2013


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srgore71 6 Nov 2013

Do not feel bad, I took a drug test today and came up positive foe THC. I am on prescription strength Ibuprofen and naproxen, and I do not take any illegal drugs period. Employers are really becoming cheap when it comes to urinary drug test. The specimen test they performed on me cost $4.75 cents. How accurate can being cheap actually be!!! If my test were sent to a lab, I would of passed it no problem because when you list the medications you are currently taking, it helps the lab tech compare the two meds to the actual cannabinoids found in using marijuana.

Shawncantellyu 28 Oct 2014

okay. so. I took neproxen Wednesday and the. again Monday. I got drug tested Tuesday and I passed

jwood1974 14 Feb 2015

I took one and it was sent to a lab. THC in it and I don't use. I took naproxen, that's it.

jwood1974 14 Feb 2015

It only happens 2.5% of the time, not always but it does happen. It happened to me

Inactive 15 Dec 2017

Me too, look at all the idiots that don't know what they are talking about.

Trish8199 19 Oct 2018

Same here

bipolar4life 13 April 2011

actually Naproxen is just really Aleve my pharm... told me i had to take it for swelling in my knee and he told me to just buy aleve? so no u wont fail
lol janymak

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Inactive 13 April 2011

If maso said you can fail for THC, then I would believe it!!! He knows his stuff!

bipolar4life 13 April 2011

u can believe what u want to believe nobosdy is stopping u this is my opinion remember everyone is not a medical professional of advice especially me
have a good day
lol sis janymak

Inactive 13 April 2011

Many thanks for your support TH.



Inactive 13 April 2011

Well DH, I just know you are correct!!

Yer old ugly pal,

bipolar4life 13 April 2011

i am sure u know your stuff ((((((((((maso))))))))))) and would love to learn some coping mechanisms from u but i didnt think this was a place where people take sides out in the open such as that comment but to each his own i look forward getting to know u
lol janymak just trying to fit in as all :):)_ smiles

Inactive 13 April 2011

I meant no offense gurl, and all opinions ARE welcome!! Maso is just very knowledgable, and does his research on all questions that he answers, a smart man indeed. Sorry if I sounded rude, I did not mean to be!!!

Inactive 13 April 2011


You are one the greatest human beings I have ever "met".

Hello bipolar4life ... lets be friends then, I believe no one is here to take sides or compete... we are just trying to help ... that is all, and SL did not mean to offend you at all, I know her very well and she is amazing and would never ever hurt anyone.

bipolar4life 13 April 2011

AWWWWWWWWWWWW I feel so blessed
ty soooooooooooooo much to the both of u really i am looking forward to some friends
lol bro and sister janymak
i amm going through menopause havent received many replies yet but i am sure everypone is just busy actually i know whjat to ask the doc just dont know when i am going to feel this senstive which sucks LOL
so sorry probably me not u i am 40 and going through this yuck lOL:) I just dont know what to expect ya know except sweating my @ss off lol

DzooBaby 13 April 2011

Maso does know his stuff! He often offers great advice! Some of those things on the list are a little outdated though. Like poppy seeds causing false positives for opiates. They have actually changed lower limits on the tests so that poppy seeds wont fail you anymore unless you are eating them by the pound! They have changed quite a few of the tests and they are a lot better than even a few years ago but sometimes they do still see false positives. If one gets a false positive and the false positive will cause you to lose a job or go to jail then it should be confirmed by a GC-MS test. GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) tests are very accurate. They are VERY expensive though so they are not usually used as a first line test. Not meaning to dis you or anything Maso! I think you are great and you do know your stuff! :)

Inactive 13 April 2011

Dzoobaby, to be very frank I have read all your posts , and they are very good... you do know your stuff as well.

DzooBaby 13 April 2011

Thanks Maso!

Inactive 13 April 2011

You are very welcome DzooBaby.-

Inactive 13 April 2011

Naproxen (Aleve) - Can cause false positive for THC (marijuana).

Take care.

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DzooBaby 12 April 2011

Naproxen is an nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug and is not a controlled substance so therefore should not cause you to fail a drug screen.

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lilmama83 12 April 2011

ok thanks!!!

bipolar4life 13 April 2011

TY (((((((((((((((((((((((((((DzooBaby))))))))))))))))))))))))
u lightened things up
lol janymak ia m just feel so less alone u know what I mean?

Inactive 15 Dec 2017

Yes u can!! B4 u answer something, make sure u know what u are talking about!

Vincetttt 2 Nov 2018

This is incorrect. Read any medical journal and you will find that high concentrations of naproxen 1000mg+ chronic use daily, has the possibility of giving false positive results for THC.

For that matter, most common OTC NSAIDS can do this as well. free discount card

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