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Can voltaren gel leave a bad teast in your mouth?

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Marvell 16 Feb 2011

I haven't really heard of anyone experiencing any odd tastes in the mouth after using Voltaren Gel. Where are you applying the gel?

I have used it on my back and didn't taste anything.

johnae 5 Jun 2011

Saw "taste perversion" listed as a possible side effect.

silliuspius 7 Feb 2013

Now you have heard of it. i have the same side effect. 100% accurate side effect. needs to be on warnings.

johnae 5 Jun 2011

I've recently been prescribed Voltaren gel for upper hamstring tendinopathy and ischial bursitis. Shortly after applying the first dosage (and at each subsequent application), I too notice a bad taste at the rear of my mouth. I applied the gel to my right buttock and upper read of right leg.

A quick net search shows a few other mentions of this side effect.

I would like to see more information. Is this an indication of a more serious side effect? Anything else I should know.

By the way, in case it's related, I am a person that notices the taste of eye drops; was told by my opthamologist that some people have a connection between eye and nose/mouth. I don't really see how this is related, but thought I would put it out there.

silliuspius 7 Feb 2013

WOW--you are 100% correct. All month I have had a bitter taste in my mouth after applying Volataren without knowing the cause. Ive only had the bitter taste a month or so and Ive only been using this about 2 mos. Now I know I am not crazy. This drug DOES cause a bitter taste. It is NOT on the warning label. now you have someone else who can attest to this. Report this to the FDA with a case number. The question now becomes WHY a bitter taste? is it doing anything harmful to my GI tract or kidneyswith only a few applications?

johnae 7 Feb 2013

When I reported this to my doctor, he had me stop using Voltaren. Check with your doctor.

silliuspius 7 Feb 2013

now iam getting slightly worried. Did you doctor tell you WHY he suggested you stop using it? A bad taste alone wouldnt tell most doctors to advise to stop using it... there must me a more significant medical reaso nhe was worried about. This is the only known "gerl/cream" for inflammatory or arthritic pain to be rubbed directly on an without it my damaged broken toes will be in constrant pain :((( free discount card

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