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Can I take naproxen with gabapentin?

9 Answers

pharmer1976 5 Feb 2019

May cause excessive drowsiness and gastrointestinal upset therefore taking with food or meals may be the best option for all 3 medications.

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Carlotta Davis 15 Feb 2018

What effect will gabapentin and naproxen have on you if you take them both together at the same time

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Derrick1234 6 Dec 2017

Can u take gabapentin with naproxen

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Awenasa 8 March 2017

I have been on both for sometime now, as long as you eat plenty of healthy foods and drink lots of water, you will be fine. As with all medications, consult with your pharmacist and do your homework. Not all medications work for some patients. Everyone has a different tolerance than other. Find what works best for you. Also with ALL medications, full bellies before, during, or after is best to protect the lining of your stomach. Be well, be healthy, and be smart.

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Romona 7 2 May 2015

Can Gabapentin and Gabapentin together?.

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Kirstin1242 13 Jan 2014

I have just been to see a spinal specialist who stated that the 2 drugs together are toxic

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Pbraxton48 5 April 2018

Yes gabapentin and naproxen together? I have spinal stenosis (4 places thinning in lower spine)and arthritis bad in back.

pup6767 27 Oct 2011

Yes, it is absolutely fine to take these two drugs together.
Just be careful with the naproxen... it can be hard on the tummy.
Be well...

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leron 27 Oct 2011

I have been on gabapentin forever with a slew of other drugs and never had any problems, but there is one problem with me i am allergic to nsaids Call a pharmacist as they will always be there to answer your questions. I never trust drs. as they get paid off to push pills and don't know crap about them Wish you luck Leron

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susanruth 9 April 2013

Your are so correct, the doctors push whatever the drug dealers suggest and are pushing at the time. Patients beware.

Inactive 27 Oct 2011

Interactions between your selected drugs

No results found - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. ALWAYS consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Other drugs that your selected drugs interact with

gabapentin interacts with more than 100 other drugs.
naproxen interacts with more than 200 other drugs.

Interactions between your selected drugs and food

No results found - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. ALWAYS consult with your doctor or pharmacist.,1690-0

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froglady56 27 Oct 2011


Inactive 27 Oct 2011

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